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Discover what it takes to LOOK like an expert...Sign up now for our 22 On-Camera Secrets from the Pros!

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Communication technology is exploding and new media channels are coming on the scene to meet the growing demand of a world hungry for information and inspiration! This quantum shift has created an amazing opportunity for those who have a passionate message to share. Experts today can broadcast, publish, promote and publicize their content without restriction. The only obstacle is in the mindset of the individual.

When you choose to become an enlightened media expert, you're choosing to be perceived as a visible leader who can help guide others to a higher expression of their own potential using your awakened consciousness to express principals of love and compassion that will help end their suffering.

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“Voice by Kristen White is the perfect guide to help people become the best they can be and with the understanding and guidance of Kristen you feel like a giant who is capable of accomplishing great things. This book shows you how to tune into yourself and turn your whisper into a roar. With the help of Kristen your spark can be the one to ignite a chain reaction that can accomplish miracles, and wouldn’t it be wonderful to make miracles happen! — Dianne Moon

“Kristen White has captured the stage with her newest book “Voice”. She is able to connect the dots in a clear concise manner on how to bring your message to the world in a way that will get you noticed and heard. This book is a must read for anyone in or desiring to be in the world of writing, speaking, coaching, radio, TV or digital production. Finally, a book that clearly lays out the path to creating the “Success” many seek, but few have found, in communicating the message inside them to the world outside.”—Dr. Ron Eccles


“In an easy to understand step-by-step process, Kristen gives you the tools to bring forth a powerful message. Then she takes you through the process of finding the right audience that wants and needs your message. Her expertise in the media is then shared to show you how to effectively use media to bring your message to a bigger audience. It is a resource you will refer to again and again as you build your audience and your income.”— Debra A Kahnen

“Kristen has a great gift for communication and understanding media. I particularly appreciated her help on getting very clear about my audience and the message that they need. I appreciate her ideas and support along with the drive to get it done. Kristen is a media expert with a real heart and drive to help share positive messages around the world. I highly recommend her book and her coaching program.”— Ed Kaine

Kristen White is an award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker and entrepreneurial media expert. Her media credits included the award- winning film Shamanic Trekker, Journey to the Source and Mandala, a new series featuring best-selling authors in spirituality and wellness, both are available on Amazon Prime.

Kristen is the CEO of White Media Agency who provides online business marketing and development entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, life coaches and businesses in the wellness and personal development marketplace.