How to Attract the Media

With first-hand experience, Kristen reveals:

  • Who the decision makers are…and how to reach them
  • The criteria for getting your story picked up
  • How to create a powerful hook
  • What other news sources you should be considering
  • The role social media plays…and how you can use it to gain insider access
  • Key tips for your newsroom email pitch


Media is the most powerful visibility tool on the planet! If you desire to make and impact with your message and start a Ripple Effect – you must get on television!

Get ready for a tour inside the newsroom! Because in this video, Kristen (and award-winning television anchor and host of the TV show Let’s Start a Ripple) is going to show you what the media is looking for – and how you can get invited to the studio.

Having been “in the trenches”, Kristen’s insights are powerful enough to bring even the most obscure story to light. So be sure to pay close attention because the next story on the news could be yours!